Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Hold

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Some background on this piece. I believe that there was a life before this one where we lived with God as spirits. We had a very personal relationship with Him, each and everyone of us. He loved us then just as he loves us now. We were sent to this Earth to gain knowledge and things that we needed in order to grow and move forward. We will return to our Father's side after this life. This is a sort of interaction that I could see happening as we were headed down to Earth. Whether you believe the same as me or not, try reading this and picturing yourself in this situation. Does it not feel beautiful. =)


"Hold me. Don't let go." She pressed her face into his shoulder as his arms wrapped around her, comforting and safe.

His voice was deep and soothing. A voice that brought warmth to her heart. "It's okay, child. Though it will seem a long time, you will only be gone mere minutes to me."

"So you won't forget me?"

"I could never forget you. I love you. You are very dear and special to me."  A chuckle was in his voice.

"But Father, what if I can't do this? What if I get lost?"

"You are strong and smart. I have equipped you with everything you will need. You will have a loving family and a strong group of friends. But most important, you will have your heart. That beautiful, pure heart. Trust it. It will never mislead you. It will bring you home to me." His arms were warm as he pulled her in again, hugging her tight. "And I will be waiting. I will be watching. You only have to call out to me and I will be there. I will never leave you to deal on your own. Even when you feel far away from me and think I'm not listening, I will be there. I will see every tear and cry with you. I will feel every heartbreak and my heart will break with yours. I will hear every laugh and laugh along. No matter the pain or the happiness, I will embrace it with you. And when the wind blows through your hair or the sun shines on your face, know it is me comforting you."

She looked up into his loving eyes. "Do you promise, Father."

His face lit up into a glowing smile as he stared down into his most prized creation. "I promise, my dear child. You are my princess. Now hurry along. It is your turn on Earth."

He released his hold on her and she started to scamper away. But she turned back, eyes wide. He smiled again and said, " Remember child, always remember, I love you." Her face shone with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and she left. His eyes turned toward Earth, far below, and saw her there. "See you soon, my dear one."