Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Because

If you haven't read my post before and seen my description of Five Minute Friday then shame on you and go read them. Then you can join in. =)
Five minutes. Write what comes out. No editing. Post. Here it goes.


Because I love you. That simple statement revolves around my life. It has shaped me into who I am.

As a child I was never good at following rules. It got even worse as a teenager. I was never that kid you could say "Don't do this" and I would just listen. I always had to know "why." But just being told why wasn't good enough, I had to try it for myself. Tell me "Don't touch the stove, it is hot and will burn you" meant that sure as the sun rises I was going to touch that stove just to make sure no one was lying to me. All of this added up to one poor mother losing her hair and sleep over me. I have to take responsibility for all her grey hairs. The poor woman had her hands full. No normal lady could have handled raising the nightmare that I was. But she did it. She never gave up on me. Despite all our fighting and disagreeing, I have never doubted her intent. Whether it was following a party or her announcing how long I was grounded this time, she always made sure that I knew why she did everything that she did. "Because I love you."

Just as my mother has always been there for me, I have always known there was someone else guiding me along my path. My Father in Heaven has never left me on my own either. Even though there were times in my life that I pushed away from him hard. There were days I refused to pray, believing he couldn't possibly care about me. Yet every time I have found myself on my knees, I have felt his presence. He has blessed me immensely in my life which shows his obvious love. However, there are times in my life that are riddled with trials that I don't always feel like I can handle. At times I feel like I just can't take anymore and I don't understand why the Lord is allowing me to hurt so much. But in both cases, blessing or trials, the answer is always the same. "Because I love you."

My husband has the same loyalty. No matter what I do he never falters in his love for me. I can yell, scream, cry, refuse to get up in the morning and he is still there. Every day he tells me I am beautiful and encourages me to keep going. He tells me that he will always be there. He agreed to spend eternity by my side and he has never once showed any sign of regretting that choice. Sometimes, upon realizing just how flawed I am, I ask why he sticks around. His answer is always the same. "Because I love you."

 I am surrounded by love in my life. That makes me extremely lucky. It leaves my heart full and overflowing. It leaves me able to spread love to those around me. That is what I want to strive for every day. To love those all those around me. To brighten the lives of everyone I come in contact with even just a little bit. Just a smile helps. Or taking a moment to get to know a stranger. One day I hope I am blessed to have children of my own that I can raise filled with love. If I am half the mother that my mom was I will be lucky. I want to be what my Father asks of me, to love as he loves. So if I meet you on the street just know that this is what my smile is saying to you, "Because I love you."