Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happiness in a Whistle

My favorite moment in the morning is not drinking my tea like most people might think. It's the moment right after I wake up, when I'm lying in bed and my husband is up getting ready for work. He starts to whistle absentmindedly while shaving and I just smile. I love this moment. It is perfection. My heart swells with love. It happens almost every morning. I look forward to it every day. I lay there quietly just waiting. It is like a reminder each morning that this is a fresh start, a new beautiful day. He is my little songbird. I love him.

It's the simple things in life that make it worth it. That is something that people say all the time but I'm finally really seeing it. The true beauty in the world is small things. Things that you have to slow down and appreciate. And without them, life loses the shiny luster that make it amazing. A kiss. A touch. A breeze at the right time. A flower blooming. A hidden trail discovered. The world becomes an adventure, becomes a eruption of colors, sounds, and smells. It truly turns into something like a gorgeous painting but it is all up to you to make it that way.

Peeking Woods
©2013 Mariah Green

Too often in this life, we rush through it, ignoring the soft whispers of true pleasure.This world is all loud noises and busy streets. We are all about fast and easy. Going slow has become a source of annoyance or boredom. Even I manage to get caught up in it all too often. Maybe it isn't bad to rush now and then, but the constant running causes us to miss so much. When was the last time you sat outside with your eyes closed and just listened? Took in all the sounds and smells?  When did you last sit in silence with nothing but your thoughts to pay attention to? When did you last stop to smell those roses (literally and figuratively?)

As a whole, I think the human race forgets that happiness doesn't have to come just from large and explosive happenings. Happiness isn't all about parties and gifts. It's not about expensive things and lavish attention. Though we love those things (of course) we don't need to base our happiness off of them. If we stop to really think about all the small things we are lucky to have then we begin to find happiness in the things that really matter. Our family, our friends, our hobbies. Because, once you can see it, you realize that is where true happiness lies. Cars, big houses, and expensive clothes. All these things only bring temporary joy. Once the newness of the items wears off so does the excitement they bring. Then you are forced to move on to the next thing. This is why some of the richest people in the world can also be some of the unhappiest. Sadly, most of the world doesn't seem to have figured this out. Everyone is rushing, striving to get the bigger and better. Now you know the secret that they don't. Now you can finally take the steps to REALLY be happy.

Revel in the smile of your baby, the laugh of your child. Immerse yourself in the sound of an instrument being played and the smell of a great dinner being cooked. Smile at a whistle. Let the world, let life, show you all it truly has to share. Choose a world full of wonder. Don't let your mind be swept up in all the tasks that you have to complete every day. Let the world and all your crazy, beautiful moments flavor your life.

I choose that world. I choose the vibrancy and the beautiful simplicity. I choose the happiness in a morning whistle.