Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Luvs and Hugs

So I went to my parent's house for the past month and it was so great being back in the town that I grew up in...even though it snowed several feet while I was there. It was an adventure living in someone else's house again and though leaving everyone again was bittersweet, I was happy to be back in my own home.

I never would have guessed how much I needed to reconnect with old roots. Having a group of friends that have stayed in contact, even after high school, has been a foundation for me. Being able to see them and reconnect with them was exactly what I needed. We'd all ended up scattered all over, doing our own things and starting our own lives. We had grown apart in a way. No one to blame but ourselves on that. We all seemed to think we were better off on our own for one reason or the other. Turns out we needed each other more than any of us could have realized.

Having someone there who has grown up with you is a priceless thing. Someone who knows u that intimately is a gift in a moment of weakness. They understand who you are. They know exactly what to do or say to keep you moving forward. I'm lucky to have several friends like these. I'm lucky to have been reminded of how much they love me and how much I adore them.

There is Amber. Oh my dear sweet Amber. She has known me the longest and knows me the best for sure. We first became friends when we were 4 years old. I may have been small then but I have never forgotten how much I loved her even then. She was my best friend in the whole world...it helped that she had awesome toys hahaha. One day she moved though and for years she remained a faded part of my life. Then along came Middle School and there was my beautiful lost friend again. It took me awhile to realize who she was and why we connected so well but when I did, it felt like a blessing from above. She has been by my side ever since. We've been through thick and thin together. Nothing will ever be able to separate us. Both of us have chosen to do things that the other doesn't agree with but that has never changed our love for each other. She was the one person who held my hand through my worst days and was never ashamed to call me her best friend. She has recently come out that she is a bisexual. I don't agree with that kind of lifestyle but I would never think less of her because of it. I will never be ashamed of her. I will never stop loving her. And you can be dang sure that I will always fight on her side, no matter what. She is a sister of my heart. Beware to anyone who tries to destroy that bond.

Katie, my friend who is one of the most stubborn people I've ever met and I have to love her for it. She can totally give me a run for my money when it comes to refusing to give in...on anything hahaha.We've sure had our ups and downs. Strong personalities can clash something fierce after all. But even though there have been moments where we swear we can't stand each other anymore, I've always known that when I truly needed her, she would be there. She's also the one who somehow seems to end up in the same kinds of situations as me. Sometimes good ones and sometimes not so great ones. Though it hurts me to see her hurt at times, it's good to know that there is always someone out there who understands what I'm dealing with. Her recent discovery is how sucky Army life can be. Silly girl, after years of teasing me about how she couldn't understand why I turned into a mush every time a man walked by in a uniform, went and fell for an adorable guy who had just happened to sign over his soul to the Army. He is now currently doing his basic training. Being able to she her face to face and talk to her about things that go on in your heart when your man is away was bonding in a way that both of us needed. She has helped me feel not so alone in this strange military life and I can only hope I'm doing her some good too. I know she is strong enough to make it through being an Army wife. She just needs to believe in herself too. I can't tell her how proud I am of her. She has grown up so much and really has become a gorgeous woman. That boy is a lucky one.

Lyndsai, as special as the spelling of her name. I've known her for the shortest amount of time but that doesn't mean I'm any less close to her. She came into my life as a shy and quiet home schooled teenager. But I found that she was a ton of fun and completely lovable. She quickly became one of my best friends and I introduced her to the rest of the group. She fit right in. Soon every sign of being shy and unsure had disappeared. She's been an important part of my life ever since. No matter how much we might have fought we always forgave. We've done a lot of silly and irresponsible things together but we've created some unforgettable moments as well. When I spoke to her before going back to visit, I was worried about her. But spending time with her made me realize that she was really in charge of her life. She knew what she wanted and she was making plans to get there. I think she is doing amazing. There is no reason to worry about her at all.

Brittnee I didn't get to see much of since she is making us all proud by serving a LDS mission. I'm so happy and excited for her. Her letters seem to show just how happy she is to be doing what she is doing. I can't wait to see her again.

Brynn is doing well. She is facing her demons and getting help. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. For as long as I have known her, she has witnessed some of the nastier sides of this life, yet she always comes out pumping the air with a fist on the other side. That girl will never give up on life. She will never give up on happiness. I'm so glad to see that she finally has found a decent man who treats her right too. She seemed to glow when I saw her again. Nothing is better than to see someone you love finding what she deserves.

The best part. Though all these girls have their own lives that they are dealing with every one of them was there to support me. They were there, wanting to listen, wanting to be a part of my life. It was exactly the therapy I needed. I'm am a lucky chick. I couldn't have made it through this deployment without my girls. We're the real Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants without the stupid pants. We may need a reminder every now and then that we need each other, but we will never leave any of the others behind. These are my girls for life.