Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 More Weeks

So today marks only 10 more weeks to go until my darling husband gets home! I can't wait! I've started planning out how to decorate the house for his return. He's gonna be so embarrassed and yet I know he'll love it. It's gonna be awesome to have all my boys from over there home too. I've adopted a few soldiers as my squad sons and I can't wait to be able to give them big hugs too. They've made me proud and they deserve a big welcome home as well. Wish I could decorate their barracks rooms too. I'll have to settle with making them a cake or something. I figure they will have family here the first couple of days anyway. I hope they know how much I adore them. They are amazing guys. I've been so glad to know that my husband is serving with men I can trust to have his back.
One of my fave soldiers even before they left!
Heart u, Karl!

My hubby and my squad son, Dougherty.
Best part of calling him my son...he's older than me! =P

Today was a fairly good day for me. I managed to fix a few things around the house despite being sick. This house is slowly coming together. I am very proud of myself for one major thing though. Defeating the deployment curse. The curse where everything breaks as soon as the men leave. Its a totally real curse, promise, just ask any military wife who has been through a deployment. Today I came out on top. I have a few injuries to prove my fight but I won the battle. I managed to get my washer and dryer running by myself today. Other than having to run a load to see if everything is level, they are in perfect running condition. And I only got a scrapped knee and a one small goose egg on my head during the process. I'd say that is a major success. I'm so happy to finally have my own washer and dryer. You wouldn't believe how inconvenient and awkward it is to have to go to friend's houses to do laundry. I'm blessed with amazing people who are willing to let me do that but it's still gonna be nice to do it all at home.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep L i/o ving!