Friday, September 2, 2011

A Rattling Fan

Hello everyone! I'm baaaaaaaack! Today has been a lazy and yet productive day. My morning started off with me being covered in apple juice and soggy banana puffs. It's a good thing I adore my friend's baby so much. But then again can you blame me? He's adorable.

After pretty much doing nothing for a couple hours (Hey, I was allowed to. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning trying to keep my friend, Danelle, awake long enough to finish the cinnamon rolls she was baking for her husband's morning seminary class.) I then decided to actually get ready for the day. I got interrupted by a quick call from my man in uniform (YAY!) but it was well worth looking stupid with half my hair clipped up on top of my head. I am glad that he loves me no matter what though cuz I really did look like a Who from Whoville having a bad hair day.  I drove to the post office, mailed the package I've been promising my hubby for a week now, and then came home. Now here I am sitting on my bed, chattering nonsense to you, and listening to the ceiling fan in my room make an annoying rattling sound. What an epic day!

Sooooo I've promised my husband, and some of our pals that are deployed with him, baked goodies this next week. I always send chocolate chip cookies and snicker-doodles. This time I wanna add some other kinds of treats in with the cookies. I'm thinking banana bread is gonna be one choice. Anyone else got some good ideas for me?

So on the "healthy" topic I had a happy realization today about Almond Milk. I started drinking it cuz I'm lactose-intolerant and I'm honestly just not that crazy about the taste of milk. Almond milk not only taste great but it doesn't give me stomach cramps. However, I found something even more exciting about it today. While drinking a delicious glass of it this afternoon I started reading the carton. Almond milk has 10 calories less than regular 1% milk. It also has 15% more Calcium and has 50% Antioxidant Vitamin E while regular milk has 0%. And it just keeps getting better! Do u have high cholesterol? Cuz Almond milk has none! Finally I've found something that is healthy AND tastes good! =D Wow...I totally sounded like a commercial right there.... 
Also, on a slightly different topic, ever feel like your make-up is just creating more of a problem for your skin even as it is covering up your nasty pimples? I know I have a hard time finding make-up that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Danelle (She's the friend that sells the vitamins too) is selling a make-up line called Motives. I've personally tried some of it and it's really nice! It's mineral make-up that has high pigmentation! It feels so light, has amazing coverage, and doesn't have such a "my face is melting off" effect. My friend has a website if you wanna check it out. She's a wonderful person to work with so don't be shy! She can hook you up!

And here is the link to her website for the vitamins she sells. That is where you can get the before mentioned Aloe! Hopefully soon I will be selling it too!

Keep L i/o ving!