Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Neighbors TV is on Ridiculously Loud!

Wow! I have been sooooo bad at keeping up with my post! I feel like I haven't had a moment of down time in the past week though. I've been so busy! It's been nice though cuz it's kept me from spending all that time feeling miserable and missing my hubby as much as I could be.
Ok, seriously though, my title of this is all I can think about right now. I think they are watching the game and it's really annoying that while laying on my bed all I can hear is their TV. I seriously hate this apartment. These walls are stupid thin and then having loud neighbors (or roommates) just doesn't help at all. I can't wait till the day that Brandon and I have our own house with a big yard so that I can have moments of complete peace and quiet. I think I'm going to be a complete brat right now and blast religious music right at our connecting wall. Jeez, I hope I don't spoil their game! *wide innocent eyes*
Alright then. Now that I have thoroughly annoyed my neighbors lets move onto the next thing. While at church today I was thinking about all the women I know. I know of several very "well off" women and I started thinking about the way that I see them interact with a lot of the other women. Several of them do exactly what you would expect them too. They have an air of arrogance and then tend to intimidate and insult the women who are not as fortunate as them. You find them hanging with the others like them and avoiding those who aren't. From this observation people would easily say that any time money gets involved in high amounts it corrupts people. I, however, have a friend that proves that wrong. Yes, money can become a problem but it isn't the money that is necessarily what is wrong. It's the person. They let themselves be corrupted. You can fight that. It's just part of mastering your own emotions and thoughts. It's controlling ourselves instead of letting the world around us be at the wheel. A friend of mine is honestly an inspiration to me. She isn't a millionaire or anything, but she has money. She has a large, beautiful house. She's got a Mercedes and nice clothing. She's beautiful and blessed...and she doesn't let any of that change the beautiful soul she has inside her. She is one of the most giving people I have ever met. She doesn't see people by the way they dress or what they drive, she sees them by their warm, loving spirits. She befriends all and loves everyone the same. She has been there for me from the moment she welcomed me into her home. I know I can always count on her. Even when I don't ask for help, she is there rescuing me. Sometimes when I don't even realize that I need to be saved. She will give her all to put a smile on someones face and all she asks in return is for your friendship. Every day she continues to amaze me with how freely she is willing to share what she has. She is a true Christ-like woman. I hope I can be more like her no matter where I am in life.
That is proof to me that we can't make excuses for how we act or how others we know act. We always have a choice. Don't let greed or pride spoil your soul. Don't let things of this world complicate your thoughts. Lets really work on making this world peaceful. It all begins at home. (Guess that means I should stop annoying the neighbors now.) =P
Keep L i/o ving!