Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Heart Is A Stereo and It Only Plays For You

What an emotional day. My roommate's husband left to go back to Afghanistan today. I went with them to the airport so that she wouldn't have to drive the hour back to our apartment while all sobby. I was surprised at how hard it was to watch someone else say goodbye. It reminded me of being at that same airport and being forced to say goodbye to my husband. Since it was so painful to have her husband here while mine was still overseas, I thought that it would be a relief to have him go back. Turns out that isn't the case at all...cuz now the whole house is just miserable. It's like one big tear orgy here. 
On a more positive note, we're going to be moving back to our post in Kentucky in about two months so it's been all phones calls and boxes around here lately. So far getting housing hasn't been as big of a nightmare as I expected. Then again there is still time for it to turn into that once I get there and start actually trying to move in. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. As for right now, it's just been a lot of paperwork and calling the housing department over and over, since they seem to be incapable of answering a call until you've called back at least twice. I've also learned through this experience and a few others that I've had, that whenever you send in ANY kind of paperwork to the Army you need to make at least two copies of everything cuz they will inevitably lose your file at least once. Guess it's just to keep us wives from getting too bored while the men are away. How wonderfully thoughtful of them (note that heavy sarcasm was used during this topic).
You gotta love all the stacks of paperwork you have to fill out as soon as you become part of the military! I think I've killed more trees in this past year than I ever did in school. Here's to killing the next couple trees in these upcoming months. 
Keep L i/o ving!