Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Keeping Telling Myself I'm Not The Desperate Type

Well, here it is. I feel a lil apprehensive starting this blog cuz most of the time I don't feel like I have a lot to say that is worth sharing but several people have encouraged to do this and so here I am. In the end it does give me something to do with my rather plain life while the husband is over crawling around in the sands of Afghanistan. One of the most difficult parts of being a military spouse while your other half is deployed is the loneliness and that feeling of not having anyone to talk to. This blog is gonna be the place where I share my feelings. Hopefully, it will encourage someone else, who is dealing with something similar, that they are not the only ones out there having these feelings.
So, Brandon (my husband) and I were married on Pearl Harbor Day (curse on our marriage or a big "HA!" in the enemy's face?) in 2010. He then deployed that following Jan. This is where the name of my blog came from. While a spouse is deployed you stay at home and love the memory of them. It's that memory of their arms around u and their soft kisses that keep you going. Every military spouse clings to that memory, it's the the only way to get through it.
 It's been interesting trying to learn to be a wife with a husband so far away but I know I am far from the only one who has done it. Obviously and happily, the deployment is getting close to coming to a end. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time for him to come home. We may have been married a year at that point but we will still have so many new adjustments. Wish us luck!
Anyway, so two days ago my roommate's (also a Army wife with a deployed husband) husband came home for his R&R. I managed to stay away until late last night and so it wasn't until then that it really hit me how much I miss my husband. Watching her being all cute and cuddly with her man nearly broke my heart. I want mine here too so badly! But enough whining for today.  Keep L i/o ving everyone!

Oh! P.S. I'm gonna be trying to share lil ideas for healthy living every now and then. I have an amazing friend who is helping me to become healthier. She sells vitamins and believes strongly in the healthiness of being a vegetarian. Now, being from a cattle ranch, I am far from a vegetarian and I don't know if I'll ever actually get there but I've found that putting 3 or 4 vegetarian meals into my week makes me honestly feel so much better. Also, I've struggled with horrible gallbladder pains for almost 6 years now. I've tried everything to help short of removing my gallbladder. My dear friend gave me Market America's Aloe to drink. IT DID MIRACLES! I'm so sold on it. Not only did it dissolve the pains I was having, it helped get my acid re-flux under control and it taste great! And Aloe is meant to help with any kind of digestive discomfort. Totally worth looking into if you are having some kind of tummy trouble. Your more than welcome to ask me anything about it and I can help you get some headed your way if your interested as I might soon being selling it! We also have tons of other helpful all natural products. So hit me up!